"Hi Lynda, 

I just want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for being such an awesome instructor! 

I love your classes...if it wasn't for the way you teach your class I would not be able to be strong and stable...my balance has improved quite a bit ....I am still wobbly with some poses and find them to be a challenge...but the way you teach is why I am still there... 

I only wish I had better words to express my gratitude....you are such a wonderful caring instructor... "

Lorane L. - Pitt Meadows

“I have been attending a variety of Lynda’s yoga classes her home-based studio.  I love the way her classes reflect her philosophy with the blending of mind and spirit with the physical aspects of yoga.

I so appreciate the professional manner in which Lynda conducts classes.  It reflects her training with both teaching and life experiences.  She will always listen respectfully and is mindful of maintaining individual needs with appropriate options.

Also important to me is that Lynda is approachable and caring and will always appreciate being informed of the individual needs of clients.  These may be physical or mental issues that may need addressing or day to day things which life brings us.

During a class Lynda brings to our attention opportunities for “listening to our body”, providing options or alternative modifications for postures.   I really appreciate her cues which bring safe and optimum results.  Her voice projects a sense of calm and is never intrusive.

Another dimension is restorative aspects which can bring relief to existing issues whether it be physical or mental pain or simply applied preventative measures.

One can always find a fit with one of Lynda’s classes whether a regular practitioner or “newbie” or an individual with special needs.  I know that her classes have made a positive difference in my wellness.”

Nina S. – Maple Ridge

 “Lynda is an inspirational as well as caring and knowledgeable yoga instructor.  I have enjoyed her classes, whether they are chair or mat yoga classes.  She has an ability to help with any physical adjustments to a pose I might need.   I always feel calm and relaxed after her yoga session.  

Lynda has shown me how truly healing yoga can be and I am privileged to participate in her yoga classes.” 

June C. – Pitt Meadows

"Lynda’s yoga classes have really changed my life. I am 71+ years old, and have lived the better part of my life in India, never taking a single yoga lesson until this year i.e 2017.

What a pleasant irony that it took coming to Vancouver and making Lynda’s acquaintance to realise how important the tradition of yoga practice is.  Also, how my own mind, body and spirit can be completely transformed in the hands of a talented instructor.

Lynda has been a patient and passionate advocate of daily yoga practice with me.  She has shown me a wide variety of adjustments that help my arthritic limbs, uric-acid affected joints and "a compression fractured lumbosacral spine" achieve their maximum potential without having to experience pain or discomfort in the process.  She has also taught me to think, breathe and navigate life with the lessons learnt from yoga.  Thanks to her I feel more connected to my own body’s capacity for healing and strength than I ever have before.

Lynda’s expert instruction, her hands-on adjustments and her ongoing guidance have really made me realise that there is no age- limit or body-type restriction on achieving excellence in yogic practices.

I will carry her enormously generous guidance with me wherever I go and I heartily recommend her to anyone who is interested in making yoga a part of their physical and spiritual wellbeing.

It is a privilege to be a student of Lynda Davies"

Gopal R. - Pitt Meadows BC