Welcome to my website.  I had always been aware of the numerous physical benefits of yoga, and have practiced yoga as part of my exercise regimen for some time.  When I began experiencing insomnia, anxiety/depression and other emotional issues due to chronic traumatic stress, I reached out to a Clinical Counsellor for therapy.  After completing a number of sessions, I started to notice myself being drawn more and more to my yoga practice.  Practicing yoga seemed to be complementing my (talk) therapy sessions.  It was amazing to discover the wonderful and profound healing effect it was having on me mentally & emotionally.  After learning that those healing powers have, in fact, been proven based on scientific evidence, I was sold!  It deeply inspired me to want to share that knowledge with others, and compelled me to pursue a path in Yoga Therapy.

Having worked as a Crisis Line Counsellor, and been involved in various 12-step (and similar) programs, I have a strong understanding of mental health disorders and addictions.  Subsequently, I’ve acquired Yoga Teacher's Training, first by earning Certification  as CYA RYT-200 through the Yoga Teacher’s Training at Kushala Yoga, furthering my studies with the Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training at Fine Balance Yoga, and the Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, Resilience and Emotional Well-Being at Langara College.  I went on to complete the Yoga Therapy Program at Vancouver School of Healing Arts. I am certified in Restorative Yoga Therapeutics which I completed at Semperviva Yoga, Vancouver, BC.  I am registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance, hold a current Standard First Aid for Industry (OFA Level 1 Equivalent) Certificate, and Certified in Violence Prevention Training and Opioid Overdose Response.

As a Yoga Therapist my focus and my passion is working with trauma survivors and mental & emotional wellness such as stress reduction, relieving symptoms of anxiety & depression, insomnia, grief, chronic pain and addiction.  I welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.
“You can’t see the glory of life if you haven’t seen the dark side of life.”  Bessel van der Kolk

I am the Director of Therapeutic Yoga Programming for the Provincial Health Services Authority where I develop and deliver a comprehensive yoga therapy program for in-patients with complex, concurrent mental health disorders and substance addiction at The Burnaby Centre for Mental Health & Addictions.  As well, for Coast Mental Health, I offered continued support with an advanced yoga therapy program to in-patients as they transition back to their home communities at the Rehabilitation & Recovery Program facility, located at Riverview.

I take great delight in working with seniors and/or persons requiring physical modifications to improve and enhance their yoga experience.  
“Elderly is beautiful.  Wrinkles? Inevitable.  Gray hair?  So be it.  Put down the fear of death and enjoy the present moment.  It will keep you young.”  Maya Angelou

I teach therapeutic Chair Yoga classes to residents with various degrees of mental and physical challenges at Holyrood Manor by Revera, a Long-term Care facility in Maple Ridge.  I prepare, coordinate and teach Chair, and Gentle Hatha classes at the Pitt Meadows Seniors Society, as well as Chair Yoga and "Healing Touch" Meditation classes at Sunwood Senior Living Community by Revera.

I will continue to learn and attain new skills through continuing education as well as through my students, colleagues, mentors and clients.   
“Vidya”, Sanskrit for “the kind of knowledge you become rather than the kind you passively learn.”  Deepak Chopra                  

I provide regular classes and workshops in my Maple Ridge studio and private one-on-one sessions for those requiring assistance and support with physical, mental &/or emotional health issues; chronic pain or grief.   I am also available to teach small, private or semi-private groups.  Please contact me directly for further information.  

I am passionately committed to creating a safe space where individuals can feel comfortable, be themselves, gain hope, and do so without judgment.  While continually learning and growing in the field of Yoga Therapy, my approach is that of a positive, curious & compassionate awareness.  When I see that spark develop in someone’s eye; this is where I find my stream of joy! 

I offer:

Classes for: Therapeutic, Hatha, All Levels, Beginners, Candlelight Yoga/Meditation, Flow, and Restorative                        
Chair & Mat Classes for seniors, emotional/spiritual wellness &/or chronic pain
Private One-on-One Yoga Therapy or small group sessions for physical &/or mental/emotional issues
Workshops for Grief, Restorative / Therapeutic Yoga, Stress Reduction; Techniques aimed at quieting an anxious mind and boosting a depressed mood., Chronic Pain Management                                                                                                                                      *NEW - beginner's series NEW TO YOU YOGA - see "Classes" on this website