Restorative YOGA 

Most often we have an exercise routine, a regular yoga practice or some form of activity that we use to increase our heart-rate, burn fat, strengthen or tone our body.  But often overlooked is that our body (and mind) need time to relax so that it can recoup, restore and heal.  Over-stimulated, our nervous system will be in a constant state of arousal (sympathetic nervous system SNS), causing our mind and body to follow suit.  This can create tension, pain, and/or an anxious or depressive mind.  In order to engage our relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system PNS), we must decrease our heart-rate and create a state of calm that is mindful and intentional.

Be Still – Relax – Renew

Leave your stress at the door as you step into the soothing, comforting practice of * Restorative Yoga.  You’ll be completely relaxed, mind and body and feel wonderfully nurtured from the start of the class right up to the finish.

Come away  feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for your week ahead.